Twixl Publisher 12 has arrived!

Twixl Media 15-09-2020

We’re proud to announce the release of Twixl Publisher 12. This release is all about making it easier to build and update your apps.

What's new in TP12 ?

New builder application

The TP12 macOS builder app, used to create your iOS and Android apps, has been rewritten from the ground up. It offers a fully automated build process with automatic code signing. Build settings for your apps are now stored on the Twixl platform. By doing this, customers can now safely move from one Mac to another without the risk of losing any essential app information.

  • New build process via Xcode
  • Fully automated build process with automatic code signing
  • Build settings for apps are now managed on the Twixl platform
  • Supports article-based apps only
  • The builder app is now tightly integrated with the Twixl platform, as the first thing you’ll do when you open the new macOS app is login to your Twixl account.
TP12 Get started

Rich push notifications

In TP11 we introduced ‘Scheduled push notifications’. We are now adding support for ‘Rich push notifications’.

With such push notifications, you can add the following to your message:

  • A descriptive text
  • An image
  • And a link to a specific article or collection

This makes your notifications way more effective.

Twixl Publisher 12 is available from our Download page. Learn about using the new macOS app in this article.