Twixl media is hiring. As Twixl Publisher is rapidly gaining market share worldwide, Twixl is looking to expand its workforce with a full-time  iOS & macOS developer.


iOS & macOS Developer

Key responsibilities of the job:

  • Work as part of a small, driven team that builds new features and keeps our current features fit for the future.
  • Make product decisions that will impact our Twixl's evolution over the years.
  • Write readable and well-documented code.
  • Take the time to do things correctly instead of coming up with quick fixes.
  • Manage your work by setting your own goals, prioritizing and executing them, and ultimately taking ownership of tasks and projects.

Skills and qualifications

  • Be familiar with iOS and macOS development and its ecosystem of tools.
  • A good knowledge of both Objective-C and Swift.
  • Be eager to learn new technologies.
  • Have good communication skills and and be a member of our passionate team.
  • Have a well-rounded approach to problem solving and understand the difference between when to apply a fix and when to refactor to remove a specific class of bugs.
  • Knowledge of web technologies and UI/UX standards is an added value.
  • Interest in backend technologies such as Go, Python or PHP is a plus.

Salary & benefits

  • You'll report on a daily basis to the team and will work from the Twixl offices in Ghent, Belgium one to two days per week.
  • Room for personal and professional development through the encouragement of learning and experimenting.
  • Working with a motivated team that enables you to excel at what you do.
  • An attractive salary - we are open for either a freelancer or someone who will be on the Twixl payroll.


Send your cv to and we'll get back to you.