AEM mobile alternative

Twixl Media 14-05-2020 Market

1. Similar workflow

The Twixl Publisher workflow is very similar to the way Adobe AEM mobile works.

  • - Twixl has an article-based workflow
  • - You can create the interface pages of your app in a flexible way that matches your needs
  • - You can use a splash screen
  • - You can define a custom navigation
  • - You can publish different types of content (InDesign-based interactive content, HTML, PDF, video, images, …)
  • - You can integrate with different content sources / CMS systems
  • - You can integrate web services
  • - You can publish for iOS, Android and the web
Why Twixl is the best AEM Mobile Alternative

2. Easier to use

In many aspects Twixl Publisher is even easier to use than AEM mobile.

Adding interactivity in InDesign is much easier with intelligent tools that are ‘context-aware’.
The app builder tool is essentially a wizard that guides you step by step through the app creation process and then saves all settings so that creating an update of the app later on is a breeze.
Integrating with external content sources is an easy thing to do. Our API is well documented and our Solution Partners have a lot of experience in developing such integrations.

3. Twixl Importer

When switching from one solution to another, there’s always the aspect of migrating your legacy content to your new solution.
For HTML-based or PDF-based content there is a 100% compatibility.
For InDesign-based content, you’ll need to process your original enriched InDesign files with our Twixl Importer plug-in to convert the Adobe enrichments to the Twixl format.
It is an automated process that may need some manual adjustments afterwards depending on the type of interactive content you were using. Again our partners can help you with this process.

4. You can convert your AEM mobile app to a Twixl app

Migrating from an AEM mobile app to a Twixl-based app can be done without your users ever noticing anything, apart from a little restyling of the interface of your app. It’s just a matter of submitting the Twixl-based app as an update of your AEM mobile app. Entitlement can work in a similar way, in-app purchases and subscriptions can be moved over transparently.

5. Working with Entitlement

We support entitlement servers that use the Adobe direct entitlement API, but our partners can also help you to integrate a custom entitlement server. Next to this Twixl also offers built-in entitlement options like e.g. Users & Groups or Access Codes.

6. Step by step

Over the last five years, we have seen a plethora of customers making the switch first from Adobe DPS and later from AEM Mobile to Twixl. So we have the experience. We can guide you step by step through the migration process. From the start you’ll know what to expect and you’ll have an estimate of the cost, effort and time it will take. Different scenarios will be possible.

7. Partner approach

Working with AEM mobile, you may have different apps, and when migrating to another solution, you’ll need to handle different projects. Just be aware that our partners are experienced in this exercise, so you don’t need to do everything by yourself. They can do the job for you, or they can train you and assist you with the job.
Also understand Twixl is a solution that is still in full development. It is not a copy of AEM Mobile, in fact it was even on the market before Adobe shipped DPS. Because it is still in continuous development, it likely offers other features that you’d be interested in.

8. Different approaches

Basically there are two approaches when migrating from one solution to another.
Either you can replicate you AEM Mobile app in Twixl, or you seize the opportunity to create a new app of your app.

Creating a replica is the easiest and the fastest approach, but you risk comments from users because the experience will always be slightly different. To avoid this, offering an updated app with a new concept might be a better approach, although it will take more time and effort to redefine the concept.

If you introduce an update of your app based on a new concept, the user won’t be able to make a one on one comparison. When confronted with change, our first reaction is frequently negative if we can’t see the advantage, but if we do see an advantage, then it’s easier to accept it.

We understand that in a way you are forced to migrate to another solution. We think this is an opportunity for you to reevaluate your apps and update them instead of just creating a replica. Offering something new will be appreciated and can also create a new dynamic.

9. Pricing

We presume you are well aware of the difference in pricing between Twixl and Adobe.

We have a completely different approach than Adobe, we are also a completely different type of company, we’re a privately owned company focusing on product development and working with a partner network to help our customers to develop and maintain their projects. This is the reason why we sell our products at this price level. If you want to compare, you should understand that with Twixl you get a solution and a partner offering you professional services so that your apps can be successful.

In the end, the good news for you is that the difference in subscription cost will probably compensate for your extra migration efforts.

10. All-In

Twixl Publisher is a content creation tool, an app building solution and a content distribution platform. It is an all-in-one solution. If you try to make a comparison with other solutions on the market, be sure to take this in account. A lot of solutions on the market don’t even offer a content distribution platform.


There you are, these are just 10 reasons why Twixl is beyond doubt the best alternative to AEM mobile.

If you are one of those companies that will need to migrate, don’t worry, you can contact us or one of our partners and we will guide you through this process. If you’re still hesitant, we can only refer you to those customers that already made the switch so they can share their experience with you.