Update Your App: Show Your Dedication

Laurent Gerniers 17-01-2024

The Importance of Continuous App Updates

Picture this: If we created Twixl Publisher 1.0 back in 2010 and left it unchanged for five years, would we still be a major player in the market? Would you trust us? Compare your recently purchased laptop with one from five years ago. Is it the same? Is the technology identical? So why do some publishers think their apps can remain static?

Developing an app, even with Twixl, is a journey that begins, not ends, with its creation. You must understand how readers use your app and adapt to their evolving technology choices.

Two core aspects demand attention: the app's technology and its performance.

Keeping Up with App Technology

Let's start with the app's technology, which should be the simpler part. Twixl's consistent upgrades (every two months, at least) keep it aligned with new OS versions and emerging technologies. Updating our solution ensures seamless usage across devices, regardless of OS updates.

Twixl comprises two components: the builder and the platform. The builder generates the file readers download from app stores, housing the technology that makes your app work. The platform manages your app's layout and content. While platform changes reflect instantly, code updates require a new build submission. While you may think your app is current due to new content, if you've skipped updates, it might malfunction on various devices at some point.

Imagine a car navigation system that remains stagnant; destinations change, streets evolve, and it frustrates. This parallels not updating your app.

However, there's more to it. Beyond compatibility, we continuously innovate and enhance features. Much like Tesla's software updates enhancing cars over time, the norm now is ongoing evolution. Imagine if Tesla ceased providing updates: would they still thrive?

That's our role in app technology. Now, your part is the app's performance.

App Performance and User Engagement

How long do readers engage? How many articles do they read per visit? How frequently do they return within a month? Your acquisition and renewal rates matter.

Digital is intensive. Once you embrace it, minimizing efforts negatively affects your brand.

Think of walking into a shop and interacting with a passionate professional - it's magnetic. It's the same for apps. Begin with you and your team. Involved teams emanate dedication. Users must sense your app evolving, improving. Push notifications, newsletters, occasional perks strengthen this.

Digital offers instant analytics. Measure changes' impact: tweak the app's layout, experiment with features, balance print, app, and website. Define, evolve, and evaluate your strategy.

Digital differs from print. Just as your favorite news site adapts, engage similarly. Stagnation diminishes interest.

This is the danger of standing still. Even if digital isn't your core, deciding to enter demands involvement. Stagnancy hampers your brand and renewal rates.

In the digital realm, standing still is regressing. Embrace evolution!