Twixl platform: recent changes and improvements

Twixl Media 29-05-2024

If you regularly manage content on the Twixl platform, you’ve likely noticed the exciting changes and improvements we’ve made over the past year. Now is the perfect time to catch up on the latest updates!

Uploading content made easy!

Uploading content in your app has become easier than ever. Drag and drop one or more HTML articles, Twixl InDesign articles or publications, PDFs, images or movies… before you click upload, optionally assign a publish date, select an Item Style, change the thumbnail and add the content item to a collection.

At the same time, you can also create web links, content item aliases and collection links.

In the 'Browse Grid Items' tab, you can add a placeholder image or text, or a web viewer.

New Content Item Upload

Unified view & edit mode for content items

When you go to the detail of a content item, you can immediately make changes with needing to click an 'Edit' button and going to a separate view. Just make you changes and hit 'Save'.

Content Item Unfied view and edit

Set an 'Unpublish' date

In addition to selecting a 'publish' date for content items, you can now also add an ‘unpublish’ date. That way, a certain content item can automatically be removed from your app at a specified time and date in the future.

Unpublish date

New sorting option for content items and collections

We added a number of sorting options to the list of content items and collections. Easily change the sorting according to your preference by clicking in the title bar.

Sorting options

Restyled collection view

We restyled the view for collections:

  • We added a ‘recently updated’ tab that makes it easier to find your recently uploaded/updated content
  • Collection settings have moved to a separate tab
  • In a collection you can now ‘pin’ items to the top, independent of the normal sort order
Collection view

The changes continue!

Keep in mind that we continue to work on updating and improving more parts of the application, such as the analytics reports, entitlements, build settings, etc. Stay tuned for more!