Leverage Your App's Potential

Laurent Gerniers 11-10-2023

Enticing Readers with Free Content

In the world of publishing, enticing potential readers is akin to inviting them into a bookstore where they can freely browse before making a purchase. However, when it comes to digital publishing, offering a glimpse of your content is often overlooked. In your app or on your website, providing this sneak peek is crucial in capturing the interest of new users and converting them into loyal subscribers. Here, we explore various strategies to showcase your content effectively and boost your app's appeal.

1. Old Issue for Free

Offering an old issue for free on your app's homepage is a simple yet effective way to introduce readers to your content. This approach provides a glimpse of your magazine without revealing too much about your latest issue. It's an ideal strategy if your primary revenue stream is subscriptions, as it creates a favorable impression while preserving the exclusivity of your newest content.

2. Special Issue for Free

Similar to the free issue, you can offer a special issue with slightly different content. However, this approach is often used as a bonus for subscribers. Offering it for free to all users may devalue your subscription offering, so exercise caution when considering this option.

3. Special Issue with Popular Content for Free

This approach combines the best of the previous two strategies. Create a special issue featuring the most popular content from your last 12 issues, excluding the two most recent ones. This ensures the content is compelling, yet not the latest, preserving the value for subscribers. Additionally, you can include promotional content highlighting sections not covered in the free issue, further enticing readers to explore.

Regardless of your chosen approach, prominently feature the free issue on your app's homepage and include links to your paywall, ensuring easy access.

4. Metered Access with Sample Articles

Metered access offers readers a taste of your content without giving away too much. Provide the table of contents and select articles within different sections of your magazine as a teaser. With Twixl, you can automatically generate this free sample issue, helping users gauge what to expect without revealing your premium content. This approach is particularly useful for apps offering both subscriptions and in-app purchases.

However, remember that subscribers and users who have already purchased an issue should not see these samples, as they already have access. Logout scenarios should be considered.

These strategies primarily apply to promoting content published as issues. If your app offers various types of content and services in a less magazine-like format, your approach will differ, but the goal remains the same: enticing users to subscribe.

While offering sections for free and others for a fee is an option, it can be unclear to users what to expect from paid content. In this case, include free sample content within the paid sections to help users make informed decisions.

5. Two User Paths: Subscriber or Free Tour

Another approach is to guide users at the app's start. Allow them to register as subscribers for full access or take a free tour, which could be a separate interface or even a video introduction. However, this approach may limit users' experience with the app, potentially deterring potential subscribers.

6. Free Subscriptions vs. Free Sample Content

Consider whether free subscriptions offered for a limited time through app stores are necessary when you already provide free sample content. In many cases, free sample content is more effective, even if your brand isn't widely recognized. Avoid making potential readers wait; offer immediate access to enticing content.

In conclusion, metered access with free sample content or a free issue is a must for any app offering paid content. Think of your app's homepage as a bookshelf in a store; don't forget to sell! If your app provides a digital experience, embrace and share it confidently—it's part of your offering.