Crafting a Cohesive Digital Strategy: From Stagnation to Success

Laurent Gerniers 13-09-2023

Introduction: The Landscape of Digital Publishing

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, it's surprising how few publishers have a well-defined strategy for digital publishing. Although they may be a minority, this select group is proving that success is achievable. However, a substantial number of newcomers are flocking to our platform out of necessity, their apps having faltered in the competitive digital space. When asked about their goals, they often lack a clear vision. All too frequently, we encounter customers who establish their app once and then passively await a miracle.

Lessons from an Entrepreneur: Crafting Targeted Strategies

To explain the total concept and its specific components, consider the journey of my enterprising brother-in-law. He catapulted his food truck venture into success and is now poised to launch a restaurant, complete with plans for a catering arm. Undoubtedly a skilled chef, his foray into diverse culinary realms necessitates targeting distinct audiences and providing unique experiences. While a certain overlap between his endeavors is expected, individual enterprises require tailored strategies. While some customers may traverse all channels, new ones must be courted independently. How? Will he rely solely on word of mouth, or will he tap into social media, local guides, and specialized events? Will the restaurant simply mimic the food truck's offerings? No, expansion means introducing an array of delectable side dishes, shareable appetizers, and tantalizing desserts.

Applying Entrepreneurial Insights to Publishing

So, why do publishers often fail to adopt a similar approach? Much like my brother-in-law, they possess a print magazine and venture into unexplored markets. Yet, disappointingly, they merely serve up the same old fare. Allow me to clarify: at the heart of it all, your content and brand reign supreme, much like my example revolves around his culinary expertise. This forms the bedrock. Without it, there's nothing to discuss. This core should consume 75% of your focus, while the remaining 25% pertains to structure, sales, and marketing.

Meeting Readers' Preferences: The Power of Digital Convenience

Some of your print readers undoubtedly yearn for the convenience of perusing your content on digital platforms. While expanding readership might not be your chief aim, catering to mobile and web formats for their convenience makes sense. To this end, you might maintain a print-centric workflow, rendering plain PDFs for distribution. Satisfying your audience, you signal attentiveness. But, evolving expectations and awareness of subpar digital delivery loom on the horizon.

Embracing Change: Transitioning to a Digital Mindset

Whether you embrace it or not, venturing into a new medium mandates evolution. So, why not carve a digital strategy that encompasses both optimizing content for various screens and striving to attract fresh readers? Ignoring digital could diminish subscription value and tarnish your brand's reputation.

Forge connections with subscribers via push notifications, newsletters, and social media. Tailor content promotion to target demographics. Introduce digital-only subscriptions and chart your course with clear objectives.

This approach caters to print subscribers while embracing innovation and expanding readership. Over time, you can gradually differentiate content across channels. Perhaps start by offering unique content on specific channels and supplementing with channel-specific extras. This paves the way for deeper specialization — maintaining brand continuity while crafting distinct digital experiences.

Envisioning the Future: Building Dynamic Strategies

Imagine offering a treasure trove of back issues on web and tablet platforms. Services tailored to web and tablet users can flourish. Eventually, appoint channel-specific editors to enhance each platform's value proposition. As your teams get used to each medium, creative ideas will emerge, driving a dynamic shift that confirms you're on the right track.

Conclusion: The Road Ahead

Full integration unlocks potential, enabling deeper focus on publishing. But remember, marketing efforts are ongoing, not one-time endeavors.

Solidifying goals and devising a sound plan will be your guiding lights. Flexibility is key, as adjustments are par for the course. However, having a clear direction is paramount.

Evolution on a Scale: Budgets and Progress

Do you need colossal budgets? While generous funding certainly helps, leaner budgets can suffice with adjusted goals. Monumental budgets are for aspirations, economical budgets facilitate pragmatic progress. Evolution takes time on a human scale. Progress may be gradual, but inertia is never an option.

In essence, constructing a digital strategy involves embracing change, mastering diverse channels, and perpetually striving forward.

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